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Achieve Business Excellence with Lean Six Sigma Certification in India

In modern business landscape, businesses are consistently trying to improve their operational efficiency. One of the most effective methods is Lean Six Sigma principles to achieve aspirational goals of organizations. By combining the principles of lean and six sigma, organizations can increase skills in their employees. It is one of the best skill improvement courses available in the market that not only helps professionals but also helps organizations in achieving process excellence. Hence, it would be a great step to the individuals who want to perform better in their jobs and the organizations that looking for consistent improvement should implement lean six sigma principles. In this post, you will know how enrolling in lean six sigma online course in India, you can achieve a great business excellence.

What is lean six sigma?

Lean six sigma is a mixed concept of two methodologies, lean and six sigma. Lean is concerned with reducing waste and six sigma is concerned with improving quality. The ultimate goal of lean six sigma is to increase efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction by recognizing and identifying the defects in an organization. There is a structured approach DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve) used in lean six sigma for existing processes whereas DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, verify) is used for new processes.

Lean principles create value by optimizing process to provide customers and six sigma emphasis on the quality of processes by removing the cause of defects. By using them together, one can effectively improve business performance.

What are the benefits of lean six sigma certification?

By acquiring lean six sigma certification in India, one can lead in their career and organizations can also implement these principles to improve business performance. Let us know how one can get benefits by completing lean six sigma certification from the comfort of their home.

Enhanced career prospects:

A lean six sigma certification can enhance your carer prospect because of its structured nature of course. The professionals teach you in lean six sigma online course are from IT, manufacturing, medical, finance and many others. It is well accepted course by employers because they know the project leading efficiency of this course holders.

Increased salary potential:

After completing lean six sigma certification, professionals can increase their salary by 25% easily. Lean six sigma certification holders can lead any project efficiently that make them one of the best choices for employers.

Organizational growth:

Lean six sigma certification holders are capable individuals who can improve business process, able to cut cost of a project and capable to provide customer satisfaction. As a result, they increase share of a company and overall profitability.

What are lean six sigma certification levels?

Lean six sigma is categorized in many levels and each level indicate different degree of potential. Let us understand each levels thoroughly.

White belt: 

It is an introductory level. At this level of course, learners often get to know the basic concepts and benefits of lean six sigma principles. This is good for those individuals who want to know the basics of lean six sigma principles and can be a member of the project.

Yellow belt:

After accomplishing the next level of lean six sigma, learners get yellow belt, this individual can participate in projects as a team member. At this level of course, they get to know about the tools such as process mapping, route cause analysis and data collection methods. Yellow belt holder can support green and black belt projects.

Green belt:

Green belt certified individuals can lead a small project and also train other members about the process. Moreover, they contribute in statistical analysis, process optimization and testing. Apart from this, they also serve as team member in larger projects.

Black belt:

This is an individual who hold strong knowledge of lean six sigma principles and can lead a complex project efficiently. Black belt holders have strong knowledge of statistical tools and process knowledge. Also guide green belt certification holders and other team members about the process. They are considered a significant part of strategic decision making and organizational goals.

Master black belt:

This is the higher level of certification in lean six sigma. After completing this level, one can train and guide black belts and other team members. These individuals also develop lean six sigma strategies to optimize process. Besides, they often take training sessions of other members and conduct process improvement initiative in the organization.

Why should you pursue lean six sigma online certification?

Today organizations are heartly welcoming lean six sigma certification holders. With the increasing demand of this online course, most institutions are taking initiative in this professional skill improvement program. It is an online course that provides flexibility to learn from your own comfort. Professionals can get advantage of this online skill improvement program to excel in their career. Let us have a glance at the key benefits of getting lean six sigma online certification.


The advantage of pursuing lean six sigma online course is ease of learning. One does not need to move out from their home that saves time, energy and money. Another benefit is one can learn it from anywhere, no matter where you live in. Online courses provide various types of learning materials like text, videos, recorded lectures and much more.

Cost effective:

Lean six sigma course is an online course that is available at less cost than traditional classes. As you do not need to travel anywhere that saves time, money and energy. Nowadays, many institutions provide finance aid option to easy availability of the course.

Different certification levels:

Everyone has something to learn as per their knowledge and skills. There are various certification levels in lean six sigma known as white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt and master black belt, awarded based on one’s skill efficiency.  

How can you choose the right lean six sigma certification?

If you are choosing lean six sigma online course in India, be careful of the following points.


Ensure the course is accredited by reputed organization. Accredited course should meet industry standards that most employers often look.

Check the curriculum:

Review the content to ensure it meets all the principles of lean six sigma.

Experienced mentors:

Look for experienced mentors who have years of experience in teaching and mentoring. They should have practical experience of applying lean six sigma principles.


Pursuing lean six sigma course online in India can be a game changer to the working professionals. Whether you are an organization or an individual, implementing lean six sigma principles in business process can improve the functioning of your organization. If you are one of them who want to increase their professional skills, you can pursue lean six sigma online course in India from ClassifyIQ today.

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